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Short Communication - Journal of Oral Medicine and Surgery (2020) Volume 3, Issue 3

Corona virus (COVID-19) impact on patient environment in dental Practice

The environmental circumstances create further risk factors that affect severity and duration of oral and periodontal diseases; Corona Virus (COVID-19) makes trouble changing of immune defenses which result in damage the tissue cells at several vital areas of the human body, and may convert the mechanism and symptoms of patient diseases. Till now Corona viral pandemic has been changing the patient social lifestyle and affected dental clinical practice, and becomes more critical for infection control against all infectious diseases that should be managed before starting treatment of bacterial periodontal disease and other dental problems. Many new requirements become in need to extend our educational understanding about how these infectious viral or bacterial diseases will contaminate people and are transferring from person to person, especially in dental clinic during practice on patient and how much to drew attention for additional protective procedures to the patient who still has been looking for a new different managements, so that our concepts should be changed to correspond of all new patient required demands after corona virus pandemic.

Author(s): Ossama A Al Khatib

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