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Short Communication - Current Pediatric Research (2023) Volume 27, Issue 11

Concerning laboratory diagnostics for primary spinal infections in pediatric population.

Spinal Infections (SI) include a large variety of conditions that may affect the vertebral body, the intervertebral disk, the adjacent paraspinal tissues, and even the content of the medullary canal. In the pediatric population, SI is rarely restricted to one compartment, since they have the natural tendency to spread, targeting therefore several structures of the vertebral column [1]. In order to fully understand any spinal infection, it remains fundamental to identify the causative pathogen and to know the recipient characteristics? according to patient?s age, immunization status and medical history. Given the heterogeneity of this condition, a classification based on patient?s age helps the clinician to differentiate between 3 main clinical forms of pediatric SI Author(s): Giacomo De Marco, Oscar Vazquez, Blaise Cochard, Silvia Valisena, Christina Steiger, Romain Dayer, Dimitri Ceroni*

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