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Research Article - Current Pediatric Research (2022) Volume 26, Issue 2

Comparison of CSF culture yield in bactec culture method versus conventional method in neonates method in neonates with suspected meningitis.

Aims: To compare the Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) culture yield in BACTEC culture method versus conventional method in neonates with suspected meningitis. Methods: Neonates with clinical indication of lumbar puncture were included in the study. CSF samples from these neonates were analysed by both BACTEC method and conventional method. The yield and time required for isolation was noted in both the groups. Results were analysed by standard statistical methods. Results: Out of 163 CSF samples processed in both BACTEC and conventional method, BACTEC method had a marginally higher yield as compared to conventional method and was statistically significant 7 (4.29%) vs. 4(2.45%), p=0.001. The time for isolation of organisms was shorter in BACTEC method compared to conventional method (1.8 days vs. 4.3 days). Conclusion: Culture of CSF in neonates by BACTEC method marginally increases the yield and time for isolation without much clinical significance.

Author(s): Rajendra Shinde*, Chidanand G, Niranjan S, Naveen B, Prathik B, Bhavana J

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