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Research Paper - Virology Research Journal (2018) Volume 2, Issue 1

Comparative bacterial inhibition by bioactive extracts from Datura stramonium and Phytolacca dodecandra

Natural products from Datura stramonium and Phytolacca dodecandra are increasingly of interest because they are known to have an effect on a living organism. The extraction of bioactive is an essential to the sustainability of cost-effective of chemical drugs. In this work, sample expected to have bacteria was collected around KIST IV lab of University of Rwanda in College of science and technology: toilet flusher, doorknobs, inside lab and wastewater. The preliminary bacterial identification was done based on morphological and biochemical tests. The antimicrobial activity of these plants was evaluated with resistant microorganisms and antibiotic susceptibility. The utmost antimicrobial potentials were detected from hexane and ethyl acetate extracts of Datura stramonium whereas the extracts from Phytolacca dodecandra using the same solvents inhibited only the strain of S. epidermitis; the extracts from both plants didn’t show any inhibition zone on isolated bacteria. Moreover, the extracts obtained by using a combination of hexane and toluene on Datura stramonium and Phytolacca dodecandra presented greater inhibition. The present study would be a basic understanding to use for a practical purpose of Datura stramonium and Phytolacca dodecandra in pharmacological areas.

Author(s): Ndayambaje Jean Bernard, Nteziyaremye Beneyo Emmerance, Ange Sabine Ingabire, Habinshuti Janvier, Ingabire Angelique, Munyampundu Jean Pierre

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