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Research Article - Journal of Genetics and Molecular Biology (2021) Volume 5, Issue 6

Combining ability analysis in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) under heat stress condition.

Eight diverse parents and their 28F1’s crosses of bread wheat genotypes were made in half diallel fashion and conducted in RCBD with three replications during rabi 2019-2020. Parent Raj3777 showed also good general combiner as their GCA effect as well as per se performance for anthesis to maturity, total tillers/plant, flag leaf area, spike length, grains/spike, biological yield/plant and grain yield/plant but Raj 3765 only for flag leaf. SCA effects and performance, PBW502 × Raj3777 possessed good super combinations for grain yield/ plant and related components and cross PBW502 × Raj3777 recorded as high × low parental GCA effects indicating non-additive effects. Designed for wheat improvement by hybridization scheme, biparental mating could be useful in further manipulation of genes for economic purposes.

Author(s): Asaye Demelash Limenie*, DK Gothwal, ML Jakhar, AC Shivran, GK Mittal

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