Biomedical Research

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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 6

Cognition and attitude of bachelor dental students towards HIV/AIDS

Background: Effective oral health care is vital for HIV/AIDS positive patients. Dental practitioners should master accurate knowledge and proper attitudes towards HIV-positive patients. This research aimed to investigate the knowledge and attitudes towards HIV/AIDS-related infections in fourth to fifth year bachelor dental students in Henan province.

Methods: A survey was conducted to analyze the knowledge and attitudes of dental students with different clinical practice towards HIV/AIDS-infected patients.

Results: The average scores of HIV/AIDS-related knowledge in the fourth- and fifth-year students was 69.80 ± 9.72 and 79.41 ± 6.30, respectively, showing a significant difference. There were no significant differences in the basic practical knowledge and awareness of HIV/AIDS transmission routes between two groups. However, there were significant differences between two groups, regarding the knowledge on oral lesions, high-risk populations, and transmission in dental settings. Furthermore, students in both groups had very negative or passive attitudes towards AIDS patients, with the fifth-year students possessing a much more positive attitude.

Conclusions: A good knowledge doesn’t mean a positive attitude towards HIV/AIDS. Clinical practice and urgent education are required to improve this condition.

Author(s): Ning Gao, Kun Fu, Wei He, Rui Li, Weihua Lou

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