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- Biomedical Research (2016) Volume 27, Issue 3

Coca-cola and Pepsi-cola affect ovaries and follicles development.

Objective: The present study investigated the effects of carbonated drinks on ovaries and follicles of animals. Method 150 female non-cycle mice (20.36 ± 2.28 g) were divided into five groups. COC-1 and COC-2 mice drank freely 50% and 100% Coca-cola. PEP-1 and PEP-2 mice received orally 50% and 100% Pepsi-cola. Mice in Control Group (CG) drank tap water. Ovarian and follicle indexes were measured under the light microscope. FSHR levels in ovaries, serum caspase-3, Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor (VEGFR) were measured with ELISA kit. Results On day 25, ovarian weight of PEP-2 was significantly lower than that of CG (P<0.05). Ovarian Cortex Thickness (OCT) of PEP-2 was significantly reduced in comparison with CG (P<0.05). In COC-2 group, values of Follicle Longitudinal Diameter (FLD), Follicle Transverse Diameter (FTD), Follicle Wall Thickness (FWT), Oocyte Longitudinal Diameter (OLD) and Oocyte Transverse Diameter (OTD) were less than CG on day 25. FWT and OLD of PEP-1 were decreased compared to CG. Primordial Follicles (POF) and Primary Follicles (PF) were small. Numbers of POF and MF reduced slightly. Small Secondary Follicle (SF) and Mature Follicle (MF) were distributed. Follicles developed poorly. Serum levels of FSHR proteins and caspase-3 slightly decreased in experimental mice. VEGFR and EGF levels of COC and PEP groups increased during the experiment. Conclusion Administration of coca-cola and pepsi-cola for a longer duration could reduce ovarian weights, inhibited the ovarian cortex thickness, affect the development of follicles and oocytes.

Author(s): Wei Suocheng, Lu Huining, Liang Haoqin, Lai Luju, Gong Zhuandi

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