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Perspective - Journal of Fisheries Research (2020) Volume 4, Issue 4

Coastal Protection and Management- A Case Study on Rajnagar block, Kendrapara district

 India has diversity of natural coastal ecosystems. The Indian coastline divided into the Gujarat region, the west coast, the east coast and the Islands. Odisha has 480 km. of coastal stretch situated in the east coast of India. The coastal stretches are under enormous pressure for mass population. Mangrove role to the environment is defensive to the coast from erosion by storms, cyclones and floods. The mangrove plants are degrading due to dependence of coastal population for domestic fuel needs, decreased freshwater discharge and increased salinity and unchecked expansion of salt pans and aquaculture along the coast. The present study area is Rajnagar block also situated in the coastal district of Odisha which is most vulnerable due to climate change and also anthropogenic pressure. So, the local community was very much panic in natural calamities time, more than 60 villages are very vulnerable due to coastal erosion in Pentha area of Rajnagar block. World bank funded project Integrated Coastal Zone implemented by Government of Odisha for coastal protection and management. Under this project the area was protected by construction of Geo textile tube embankment. It has became protective for Coastal village and less exposed to due to cyclones, social and economic capital has saved from the sea tides and waves, agriculture fields are saved from saline water ingress and the income of communities is enhanced which caused in reduction of migration from the village. The main objective of the study is to present a success coastal management which is the first in Odisha. The Geospatial technology has taken a key role in the process of monitoring and taking decision for management. 

Author(s): Adikanda Ojha

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