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Research Article - Current Pediatric Research (2023) Volume 27, Issue 2

Clinico-pathological predictors of colonic eosinophilia in childhood: A single-center study.

Objectives: Childhood colonic eosinophilia is a perplexing outcome with a broad differential. The practitioner has little guidance on how to approach these patients. We examined individuals with colonic eosinophilia and studied the clinic-pathological parameters correlated with their diagnoses. We aimed to see if we could find predictors of colonic eosinophilia without colonoscopy and if these predictors could be used for monitoring. This was achieved so that a colonoscopy would not have to be used unless there was doubt about the diagnosis.

Methods: In order to compare children with colonic eosinophilia (N=56) in their histopathology to controls without the condition (N=120), we conducted a 10-year retrospective chart review.

Results: Individuals with colonic eosinophilia had significant clinical and laboratory characteristics contrasted to controls (P<0.001). Age, platelet count, and fecal calprotectin were the three factors that might be considered predictors in diagnosing Colonic Eosinophilia.

Conclusion: Age, platelet count, and calprotectin were good predictors for colonic eosinophilia cases. Such predictors could be of value in monitoring patients.

Author(s): Mohammad Naghi*, Khaled Zalata, Khadega Ali, Khaleel Wafi, Magdy Ibrahim, Ahmed Abdullah

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