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Case Report - Journal of Dermatology Research and Skin Care (2023) Volume 7, Issue 2

Clinical verification of natrum mur in cases of atopic eczema รข?? a case series.

Background: Eczema isn’t just a painful and inflammable skin problem. For many, it is a health burden and a drain on the quality of life. If not treated on time, the disease may flare up, resulting in significant itching and discomfort. A gradual increase in the prevalence of eczema has been observed recently and it can be ascribed to environmental changes consequent to rapid development all over the world. The upward trend is also true in Indian context.
Objective: The objective of the study was to assess the utility of Natrum. mur medicine in cases of atopic eczema.
Materials and Methods: study design-retrospective analytical study. Study population-cases of atopic eczema during attending OPD of Dr. V. H. Dave Homeopathic medical college. Sampling method- purposive sampling where Natrum mur was indicated and prescribed. Pre-treatment and post treatment scores are considered for final analysis of the result.
Results: Out of 5 cases, 2 cases i.e., 40% cases were cured, 2 cases (40%) were significantly improved and 1 case (20%) were moderately improved.
Conclusion: Natrum mur can be useful medicine in cases of atopic eczema in different age groups, genders. The symptoms of Nat mur clinically verified were Causation Prolonged deep silent grief or sorrow, Depressed, sad, disappointment in love, Eczema location axilla, Craving for salt,

Author(s): Dr. Neha Patel

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