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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 6

Clinical significance of Beta-2 glycoprotein I antibodies in BcrAbl (-) myeloproliferative neoplasms

Background: Beta-2 glycoprotein I antibodies (B2-GPI Ab) are significant markers of thrombosis in otoimmune diseases. No literature has been found in Bcr Abl (-) MPNs to exclude the risk of hereditary thrombophilia and to investigate the association of B2-GPI Ab levels with thrombosis. This study aimed to investigate the relation between levels of B2-GPI Ab and thrombosis in BcrAbl (-) MPN without the risk of hereditary thrombophilia.

Methods: Plasma samples from healthy volunteers and BcrAbl (-) MPN's patients with and without thrombosis were collected after receiving consent. Β2-GPI Ab in plasma was quantified by enzymelinked immunosorbent assay and the data were analyzed to determine whether plasma Β2-GPI Ab correlates significantly with thrombosis.

Result: There was a statistically significant difference between the B2-GPI Ab levels of the patients and the control group (p=0.006). However, no statistically significant difference in levels of B2-GPI between patients with and without thrombosis history was determined (p=0.144).

Conclusion: This study supports that no relationship between levels of B2-GPI Ab and thrombosis complications in BcrAbl (-) MPN.

Author(s): Mehmet Zahid Kocak, Mehmet Dagli, Ali Ünlü

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