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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 3

Clinical efficacy of expansive pedicle screw in degenerative scoliosis

Background: The surgical treatment of adult scoliosis still presents many points of discussion.

Methods: This study involved a total number of 21 DS patients (4 males and 17 females). All patients required long-segment pedicle screw fixation due to the coronal plane or sagittal plane balance. Postoperative follow-up and evaluation were performed. The balance of coronal and sagittal planes was improved compared with the situation before surgery in 21 patients. A total number of 252 EPS screws were inserted, and 5 screws were removed 3 times during the surgery. There were three screws located on the concave side of the apical vertebrae and two screws located in the lower thoracic spine. All screws were held in place 1 year after surgery without loosening, pull-out, and fracture of rods.

Results: No screw loss occurred during 1-year follow-up, with no statistically significant differences over time (P<0.05). Satisfactory efficacy was also achieved after decompression for those combined with lumbar spinal stenosis.

Conclusion: EPS is effective for correcting DS with good orthopedic outcome and clinical efficacy, although evaluation of the pull-out strength during surgery is required.

Author(s): Bing Wu, Zheng Wang, Yan Wang

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