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Research Article - Journal of RNA and Genomics (2021) Volume 0, Issue 0

Chronotherapy in clinical practice: A review

The body functions are controlled by the circadian clock; later it was discovered that the pathological condition of several diseases also exhibited certain rhythm in the body. Based on this, chronotherapy was introduced targeting the administration of a drug according to the biological rhythm of the body function as well as the pathological rhythm of the disease condition. Conclusively, Chronotherapy has the advantage of minimizing the drug’s side effects and also decreasing its dosing frequency. In addition research is still ongoing towards advancements in drug formulations to deliver the drug in time and rate controlled manner. Profoundly, comprehensive studies are recommended for developing a structural individualize chronotherapy approach. Author(s): Keerthana Chandrasekar, Aswathy VS, Dony Mathew, Anajli K, Hosannah Shammah Paul,Elmutaz Belah Mohammed, Jayakumar C, Raja D

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