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Case Report - Journal of Diabetology (2019) Volume 3, Issue 1

Chronic venous ulceration in obese patients with diabetes mellitus. A therapeutic challenge

Background: It is well known that chronic ulcers of the legs represent a formidable challenge in clinical practice and among them, Chronic Venous Ulcers are the most common. The expenses of the treatment, the impact on the quality of life and incapacities affect negatively the National Health Services worldwide. Little is known of the impact of the association of these ulcers with T2DM, obesity and life expectancy that is also in the rise globally. The Aim of the Report: With the experience gained during several years treating Chronic Venous Ulcers, it was found that many patients present the complications described previously and the difficulty in treating these complications motivated the present report. Material and Methods: Five highly complicated elderly patients with Chronic Venous Ulcers suffering from T2DM and obesity were selected and their summary of treatment and results constitute the present report. A new product used successfully in the treatment of this entity (PPZO) was used as a complementary part of the treatment. Results: In 2 of the 5 patients an amputation was avoided, and complete healing was achieved in 3 instances though other complications required prolonged treatment. Conclusion: Chronic Venous Ulcers the most common type of chronic leg ulcers, when complicated with advanced age, T2DM and Obesity represent a very difficult challenge in clinical practice and required multi-specialty assistance. The use of PPZO topically applied is very effective with additional advantages for its generalized use.

Author(s): Cueto J*, Ochoa R, Bert E2, Tron S, Moreno MA

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