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Research Article - Anesthesiology and Clinical Science Research (2022) Volume 6, Issue 5

Case Report and Clinical Therapy on Acute Respiratory failure after covid -19

In December2019, an outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by acute respiratory failure was observed in Wuhan, China. The World Health Organization has classified it as a significant threat to international health (WHO).Clinical finding: A 52-yearold male a complaint of Fever (102⁰F) and Difficulty in Breathing breathlessness, difficulty in swallowing in the last 1 week. And cough for the patient for 20 days. And nasal blockage Diagnostic Evaluation HRCT Score =15/25 Is Done on Date 20/5/21, HB=7.9gm% Total RBC Count- 3.56million /cu mm, Total WBC Count, Total Platelet Count 2.73 Lakhs/, sodium 138, uric acid 3.3, potassium 3.5, magnesium 1.9.Therapeutic Intervention Treatment is given to the patient like tablet zifi Turbo 600 mg BD, capsule pan -D -OD, Tablet Ecosprin 150mg OD, Tablet Limcee BD, Tablet Zinc OD, Tablet Atorin 40 mg HS, Tablet Levocet HS, Nebulizer with Deoline and Budocort. My parent Ramchandra Jadhav age 52-year-old male was admitted in medicine HDU ward/Unit no.3 A.V.B.R. Hospital on date 2 may 2021 As the patient was diagnosed with the case of Acute Respiratory Failure after covid -19 The patient is on treatment.

Author(s): Dunna Kalavathi*

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