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Review Article - Journal of Clinical Nephrology and Therapeutics (2019) Volume 3, Issue 1

Cardio-Nephrology: The need for more collaborative efforts between therapeutic clinical trials and social health sciences to preclude cardiovascular disease complications in renal patients

Cardiology and Nephrology specialties share several elements in the prevention of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). CVD prevention in patients with CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) can only really be understood if there are more robust collaborative clinical trials, and social sciences health research between nephrology and cardiology, not only to inform healthcare and best practices, but also to inform healthcare innovation. More than 80% of renal patients have one or more cardiovascular risk factors. Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) and social science research informs that compromised cardiac health is a key source of demise in patients. The aim here is to highlight the need for more robust collaborations between Nephrology, Cardiology and Therapeutic clinical trials, to preclude CVD complications in renal patients. Chemokine receptors are expressed on cell populations, permitting different chemokine to have selective activity. Chemokine are primarily involved in attraction of leukocytes. CVD intervention takes many forms but begins at acknowledging a need for more targeted therapeutics. Haemodialysis aggravates patient prognosis and myocardial function. Health awareness and education is still a much-needed resource for renal patients; more awareness and comprehension of CVD implemented as part of a patient?s health plan. Now more than ever there needs to be a closer link between clinical trials between the two medical specialties, and social sciences to inform how best to prevent patients with CKD developing CVD events.



Author(s): Muhammad SN

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