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Research Article - Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine and Therapeutics (2021) Volume 5, Issue 5

Cardiac hydatid cyst different resentations and different locations review of 3 case reports.

 Echinococcosis is a frequent parasitic human infection in sheep- farming areas. It is caused by the larval or the cyst stage of a tapeworm, mainly Echinococcus granulosis. Humans can be infected by ingesting tapeworm eggs, from which cysts will be developed mostly in the liver and the lung. It can affect any organs in the body H. cysts can be located in various tissues, although they are most common in the liver (50–70%) of cases and the lung (20–30% of cases) in humans. Cardiac involvement in H cyst disease is uncommon, constituting only 0.5–2% of all cases of hydatid disease, Areas of cardiac involvement in H.cyst disease include the left ventricle (60% of cases), right ventricle (10%),pericardium (7%),pulmonary artery(6%),and left atrial appendage (6%).involvement of the interventricular septum is rare (4% of cases).

Author(s): Nasih Ahmed*

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