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Case Report - Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2022) Volume 12, Issue 86

Cancer and infertility: A major problem.

Introduction: People dealing with cancer are at the majority level in the world’s population. But thanks to decades of treatment and oncological diagnosis cancer patients’ survival has significantly improved. A Cancer patient deals with both life-threatening diagnoses and also the desire to have a child. During the treatment of cancer, the fertility in both males and females have reduced. Although children and young adults have benefited the most from advances in the treatment of cancer this progress has come at a high cost, with long-term treatment side effects leading to infertility in patients. However, recent fertility preservation techniques and increased awareness of fertility preservation options for family planning have improved the survival rates of infertility among cancer patients. Fertility is survivorship must be discussed before starting therapy in order to make informed decisions about treatment options, family planning, and fertility preservation strategies. Conclusion: The article concludes that cancer has a major impact on the patients even after the treatment. Different types of cancer cause premature infertility and sometimes immediate infertility in them. There are preservation techniques through which patients can be able to conceive. Patients must be aware of the procedure in order to be knowledgeable about cryopreservation before treatment begins.

Author(s): Shubhangi P Kawale, Ranjit Ambad*, Radhika Lahoti, Minal Kalambe

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