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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2019) Volume 30, Issue 1

Caffeinated beverages and energy drink: pattern, awareness and health side effects among Omani university students.

Objectives: Due to lack of scientific evidence in Oman regarding caffeine and energy drink consumption, the study aims to demonstrate its prevalence, awareness, and side effects.

Methods: Cross-sectional study including apparently healthy 365 (18-35 years) university students using self-administered questionnaire.

Results: The prevalence of caffeinated beverage consumption was high among participants (97%). Males preferred coffee (p<0.001), soda (p<0.008) while females consumed tea (p<0.029). Females were more aware about caffeine as ingredients of energy drink (p<0.036) and its adverse health effects (p<0.002). The prevalence of energy drink consumption was high in males (75%, p<0.001) with early age of first use 11-15 years (33.3%) as compared to females 16-20 years (51.1%). The major source of information was family and friends (58.3%). Red Bull was the preferred choice (55.5%) among participants for common reasons such as energy boost (68.4 %), taste (62.9%), reduce fatigue (52.1%), and better performance (47.3%). Females reported breathing problem, abnormal heart beat (p<0.004, 0.054, respectively), while males reported irritability (p<0.052).

Conclusion: The prevalence of caffeinated beverage and energy drink consumption is high with lack of knowledge and awareness among participants.

Author(s): Nasiruddin Khan

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