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Short Communication - Current Pediatric Research (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0

Building a conversational Robot for Pediatric Advices

Chatbots are intelligent personal assistants, artificial intelligence supported messaging apps, broadcasting targeted content. Bots are
forecasted to replace simple messaging apps. In healthcare, they could take off the burden on medical professionals regarding easily
diagnosable health concerns, Frequently Asked Questions or quickly solvable health. Empowering traditional health care providers
is our business model, helping hospitals, doctors and nurses to broadcast their knowledge. E-Health without quality and patient
safety concerns are promised to fail. Uberization of medicine is a myth because medicine is complex. Increasing Health Literacy
in the population is our ultimate goal, using new technologies to boost a two decades journey of health education vocation. Very
Patient functionalities: Patient education: Very Patient is providing a natural language driven chat bot helping patient to ask question
an extensive database fed by health care provider they trust, and they can meet online or during a real consultation. Symptoms
Checker: Our Algorithmic Diagnosis Neural Artificial Network is a solid and durable tool as it will merging medical literature
data, Electronic medical Record data, medical databases and a collaborative training by Very Patient health care providers. Each
expertise level will add a layer to the neural network to potentialize the human - algorithm intelligence. A natural language interface
will collect the patient symptoms mimicking a real consultation, according to the funders experience. Online Consultation Module:
Online consultations will be possible by chat, audio and video according to the availability of our health care providers and the
patient’s requests. These online consultations have to be backed up by a network of hospitals, private practices and nurses, ready to
perform a real consultation. Online consultations will be managed through an appointment module, allowing health care providers
to monitoring their appointment and contacts. A summary of the consultation will be compiled in a developing patient portal.
Author(s): Didier Decamps

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