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Short Article - The Cognitive Neuroscience Journal (2021) Volume 4, Issue 1

Brain Disorders and Therapeutics 2018: Non-material theory of the psyche: historical prerequisites, argumentation and practical implications- Mikhail Reshetnikov East-European Psychoanalytic Institute, Russia

In this paper, traditional views on the rela-tionship between mental activity and the brain activity are reviewed, and the hy-pothesis of brain as the biological interface, which was suggested by the author in 2008, is developed. Approaches to re-search of the psyche in the areas of physi-ology, psychology, psychotherapy and psychiatry are summarised, and their implications to therapy of patients with men-tal disorders are analysed. Two models of mental disorders are suggested, which are based on clearer differentiation of organic (the brain-related) pathology and mental disorders as such, which result from in-formational non-material influence on the psyche as the informational system rather than on the brain. Difference between nervous and psychic functioning of the organism and the personality is outlined; mental activity is viewed as an acquired programmed function, which is formed in a social informational environment. The question of aim of psychopharmacological influence is raised, as well as a number of other questions, which do not have unam-biguous answers. The author substantiates the theory of the brain as the biological interface and outlines its historical prereq-uisites in the literature. Recent Publications 1. Reshetnikov M M (2011) Psychology of war ??? St. Petersburg: East-European Psy-choanalytical Institute, 2011. ??? 496 pp. 2. Reshetnikov M. M. Private visits. ??? St. Petersburg: East-European Psychoanalyti-cal Institute, 2013. ??? 312 pp. 3. Introduction in Classical Psychoanalysis. Lectures. Ed. by Prof. Mikhail Resh-etnikov. - St. Petersburg: East-European Psychoanalytical Institute, 2014. ??? 318 pp. 4. Psychoanalysis. Text-book for Bachelor and Master. Ed. by Prof. Mikhail Resh-etnikov. - Moscow: U-writ. ??? Moscow, 2016. ??? 317 pp. 5. Fundamentals of Classical Psychoanalysis. Ed. By prof. Mikhail Reshetnikov and prof. Alfred Pritz. ??? Vienna: Sigmund Freud University, 2017. ??? 335 pp. 

Author(s): Mikhail Reshetnikov

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