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Research Article - Current Pediatric Research (2020) Volume 24, Issue 5

Body mass index in children with sickle cell anemia at a tertiary center in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Background: Sickle cell anemia is a defect in the structure of Hb, resulting in sickle cells shaped; which cause several manifestations leading to end-organ damage. Data in children suggest a normal or above healthy BMI have better health outcomes than patients with low BMI. We are hypothesized that the increased weight status of children with SCD would be associated with increased hemoglobin (Hb) levels.

Method: A retrospective study conducted during June 2019, was done at a tertiary center in Jeddah. A sample size of 102 children with SCA of both genders, with ages ranging from (5-16). BMI examined as a continuous variable.

Result: There is significant between BMI and Hb serum (p<0.05), out of the 102 children with SCA, 82 children (80.4%) were underweight, children with normal-weight were 12 children (11.8%), overweight children were only 4 children (3.9%), the obese children were 4 (3.9%). There is no significant between sickle cell type and BMI (p>0.05) and no relation between BMI and leukocyte.

Conclusion: Our study did not demonstrate an association between SCA type and BMI. However, we found most children with SCA are underweight. With an association between BMI and Hb serum. More studies should focus on the dietary regimen for sticklers.

Author(s): Fatma S. Alzhrani*, Fayza Alsiny, Ahmed H Aljahdali, Bandar N Almaeen, Faris M Alghamdi, Haif Fahad Alshareef, Reem M Alqahtani,Noura Abdullah Alatawi

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