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Abstract - Journal of Plant Biotechnology and Microbiology (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0

Blue Mold is the Name, Pome Fruit Decay is the Game: Omics-based studies to Identify the Achilles Heel of a Global Postharvest Pathogen

Apples are stored for many months, and up to one year in controlled atmosphere cold storage. Over time, fruit become more susceptible to postharvest decay, caused by Penicillium spp., which manifest in multi-million-dollar losses, annually. Penicillium spp. produce an array of mycotoxins and secondary metabolites, which include patulin, a globally regulated toxin that contaminates processed apple fruit products. There are only 4 postharvest fungicides labeled to control blue mold on pome fruit in the U.S. and fungicide resistant isolates have emerged making control difficult. Hence, new tools, tactics and strategies to manage decay are greatly needed. Research will be discussed that has integrated omics-based approaches to uncover new control points that can be used to aid in the management of blue mold decay. Specifically, genome-level studies to identify new virulence genes in Penicillium expansum, validation of candidate gene functions in the fungus, and comparative proteomics to elucidate the function of global regulators of fungal virulence. The talk will include the latest research findings along with progress from our laboratory with the overall goals to maintain fruit quality, reduce food loss, abate patulin contamination, and increase food security

Author(s): Wayne M. Jurick II

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