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Commentary - Journal of Clinical Respiratory Medicine (2022) Volume 6, Issue 1

Biology of house dust mites as an allergens and methods for their control.

House dust mite belong to the class of Arachnida, There are several species of this arthropod in the world. The main species belong to the genus Dermatophagoides. Possible nesting sites for the mite include: carpets, padded sofas and chairs, soft toys and especially bedding. Dust mites are found in the bedding, pillows, mattresses, carpets and upholstered furniture of homes, where they feed on scales from human skin. Symptoms of house dust mite infectivity are :wheezing or tight chest, Itchy or watery eyes, hay fever, coughing, especially at night, blocked nose, sneezing or sinus symptoms, eczema, rhinitis, asthma. The main important measure for their control are environmental managements specially in the breeding places of mite in the houses. World Health Organization also recommended some acaricides for their control.

Author(s): Hassan Vatandoost

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