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Abstract - Journal of Clinical Respiratory Medicine (2021) Volume 5, Issue 2

Biological Differences between Normal and Tumoral Tissue Not Always an Increase of Expression is Indicator of Poor Prognosis

Tumor markers (TM) can be cODssL?ed into two main groups: a) Secretion TM, preferably dosed in blood and useful in monitoring patients for early detection of recurrence and/or metastasis, as well as better knowledge of the therapeutic e?cDc\? b) Tissue TM, including biochemical-molecular parameters, which, analyzed in the tissue itself, allow tumor characterization about their prognosis and therapy. An attractive possibility of study is to compare the behaviour of a possible TM in normal and tumoral tissues in order to ?nd conclusions of practical interest. In malignant lung disease, adhesion molecules are an attractive ?eOd of interest and within those, we can stand out CD44. CD44 is a surface adhesion molecule expressed in many normal tissues by cells of


Author(s): Ruibal A

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