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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 1

Association of plasma leptin levels with type 2 diabetes in rotating shift work women

Objective: We aimed to study the association among leptin levels, sleep duration, PSQI and risks of type 2 diabetes in Chinese women nurses.

Methods: We conducted a cross sectional study, 65 diabetics and age matched 72 non-diabetic group were assessed for physical and chemical parameters like Body Mass Index, PSQI, leptin levels, insulin levels and fasting blood glucose. Plasma leptin level was measured by direct sandwich ELISA.

Results: Plasma leptin levels were significantly correlated with age, insulin level, BMI, but not correlated with duration of shift work, sleep duration and PSQI score. Logistic regression analysis showed that a negative association between leptin levels and incidence of diabetes adjusted by age, BMI, sleep duration, PSQI score, duration of shift work and insulin. The odd ratio for diabetes being 0.868 (95% CI 0.597-1.711), 0.793 (95% CI 0.448-0.792), for 2nd tertile and 3rd tertile, respectively. However, we have not found the significant association of sleep duration, PSQI score with diabetes.

Conclusion: An independent negative association was found between leptin levels and the incidence of type 2 diabetes in Chinese women with rotating shift work. However, there were no correlation of sleep duration and PSQI with leptin levels and diabetes.

Author(s): Shaobo Wang, Wenjin Fu, Youming Jiang, Li Deng, Shancun Zhou, Lei Yang

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