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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 15

Association of IL-17 genetic polymorphisms and risk of oral carcinomas and their interaction with environmental factors in a Chinese population

Objective: We firstly performed a study in a population in Northern China, and investigated the association of IL-17 gene (rs8193036 and rs2275913 in IL-17A; rs763780 and rs2397084 in IL-17F) with the risk of oral cancer and their interaction with environmental factors.

Methods: A total of 182 patients with oral cancer and 364 controls were consecutively recruited into this study. Genotyping of IL-17 gene was performed in a 384-well plate format on the Sequenom MassARRAY Analyzer. Association between IL-17 rs8193036, rs2275913, rs763780 and rs2397084 genotype polymorphisms and risk of oral cancer was evaluated by multivariate logistic regression analysis.

Results: Statistical analysis showed significant differences in IL-17 rs2275913 GG, AG and AA genotypes (χ2=7.70, P=0.02). We observed that female (OR=0.58, 95% CI=0.38-0.87) and individuals living in urban areas (OR=0.46, 95% CI=0.31-0.68) were related with lower risk of oral cancer, while ever tobacco smoking (OR=2.80, 95% CI=1.88-4.17) and alcohol drinking (OR=3.69, 95% CI=2.43-5.60) were associated with higher risk of this cancer. Individuals carrying the AA genotype of rs2275913 was associated with risk of oral cancer (OR=2.58, 95% CI=1.33-4.99), when compared with the GG genotype. IL-17 rs2275913 AG+AA genotype had a significant interaction with males in the risk of oral cancer (OR=1.68, 95%CI=1.06-2.65). However, we did not observe significant association between rs8193036, rs763780 and rs2397084 polymorphisms and risk of oral cancer.

Conclusion: This study suggests that the IL-17 rs2275913 plays an important role in the onset of oral cancer.

Author(s): Min Hu, Na Li, Boqi Li, Jinjie Guo

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