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Research Article - Current Pediatric Research (2018) Volume 22, Issue 1

Association between body fat percentage and lipid profile in children with obesity

Background: A high body fat percentage (BFP) in children with obesity which is associated with higher risk of cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome later in life, leads us to study the associations between BFP and lipid profile in obese children to prevent the disease. This study aimed to investigate the associations between BFP and lipid profile in obese children. Methods: A cross-sectional study had been conducted from June to July 2014 in Makassar on students of Junior High School, aged 13-15 years who met the criteria for obesity. The study samples were divided into two groups; the high BFP group (≥ P85) and the normal BFP group (

Author(s): Aidah Juliaty, Yuniaty Arief, Johan Setyawan Lisal, Dasril Daud

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