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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 20

Assessment of immune status in relation to vitamin D levels in patients with severe sepsis

Introduction: Systemic sepsis is the body's response to invading microorganisms is from bacteria and fungi. In the most severely ill patients are vitamin D deficient. Since vitamin D in innate and adaptive immune responses is essential for the proper functioning of antimicrobials. The aim of this clinical trial to evaluate the safety associated with vitamin D levels in patients with severe sepsis.

Methods: In this clinical trial, 60 patients with sepsis were divided into 3 groups of 20 and 20 cases of healthy people as a control group was considered. Serum levels of IL-10 and TNF-alpha, length of stay and mortality were recorded. The data was analysed.

Results: A statistically significant difference in mean age and sex distribution between the groups was observed. The patients showed a significant difference that indicates that vitamin D deficiency in the number of people admitted they were more than the other two groups were fatal. The mean levels of vitamin D, IL-10 and TNF levels in vitamin D deficiency showed significant differences between groups (P value=001/0).

Conclusion: The results and lack of complication in the use of vitamin D muscle, as well as ease of use and low cost of these medications can these drugs in improving patient safety sepsis and reduce hospital admissions and deaths and morbidity can be as adjunctive therapy in the treatment of patients with symptoms of sepsis can be used.

Author(s): Abolfazl Jokar, Ghasem Mosayebi, Ghasem Moshar Movahed, Mehran Bahramian, Koorosh Ahmadi, Peyman Khademhoseini

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