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Mini Review - Journal of Fisheries Research (2022) Volume 6, Issue 2

Assessment of evolution and diversity of fish genetics and genomics.

The ray-finned angles (‘fishes’) shift broadly in genome measure, morphology and adjustments. Teleosts, which include 23,600 species, constitute >99% of living angles. The radiation of teleosts has been credited to a genome duplication occasion, which is proposed to have happened in an antiquated teleost. But more prove is required to bolster the genome-duplication speculation and to set up a causal relationship between extra qualities and teleost differences. Angle genomes appear to be ‘plastic’ in comparison with other vertebrate genomes since hereditary changes, such as polyploidization, quality duplications, pick up of spliceosomal introns and speciation, are more visit in angles.

Author(s): Jianlin Hou

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