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Short Article - Journal of Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Chemical Science (2020) Volume 4, Issue 2

Assessment of Drug Related Problems in Stroke Patients Admitted in Various Clinics of Pakistan

Medications are used in stoke patients to optimize health care therapy with least drug related problems (DRPs). Negative outcomes are produce due to wrong drugs prescribing which leads to drug related problems. The chance of drug related problems may take place at all stages of treatment process from prescribing to follow-up of the treatment. Hence, it is significant to consider the DRPs to overcome the serious grievance or death and assess whether improvement in medicinal therapies and prescribing practices can be made to decrease the adverse effects occurring in the future. The aim of this study is to identify types, rate pattern, & clinical consequence of Drug related problems in stroke patients. Methodology: A hospital based prospective study was performed in neurology ward of a tertiary care hospital , Pakistan. The sample size is 100 prescriptions which were collected in duration of 6 months from April 2019-November 2019. Demographic & clinical information was collected from the special case records. This study data was evaluated to determine the pattern, rate, and outcomes of Drug related problems in strokepatients. Author(s): Farrah Bilal

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