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Research Article - Journal of Infectious Diseases and Medical Microbiology (2018) Volume 2, Issue 3

Assessment of ceftriaxone use in Eastern Ethiopian Referral Hospital: A retrospective study.

Introduction: Drug use evaluation (DUE) is a system of ongoing, systematic criteria based evaluation of drug use that will help ensure that medicines are used appropriately at the individual patient level. Ceftriaxone was the top and first frequently prescribing antibiotics in Dilchora Hospital. Therefore, this study was designed to evaluate the use of ceftriaxone by using performance improvement method that focuses on evaluation and improvement of drug use processes. Methodology: A cross sectional study design was used. Data collection format were developed according to WHO recommendation and validated to our context. The data was processed and analyzed using EX-Cell sheet as per WHO criteria for drug use evaluation as per standard treatment guideline of Ethiopia. Result: Out of the 174 patients on ceftriaxone, 43 (24.71%) were diagnosed CAP and 41 (23.56%) patients were used without indication. Majority of patients 71 (47.33%) were treated with ceftriaxone for 3-7 days followed by 49 (32.67%) for 8-14 days. ceftriaxone was found to be appropriate for the justification of use in 34 (19.56%) of patients. Conclusion: In Dilchora Hospital prescribers were not sticking to Ethiopian standard treatment guide line (STG). Majority of cases of indication for ceftriaxone was inappropriate and seen with duration of therapy on average 3-7 days. Therefore, we recommend DCH should adhere to national treatment guideline. In addition, DCH should promote the involvement of multidisciplinary team particularly the clinical pharmacists in all wards in monitoring of use of ceftriaxone and other antibiotics use.

Author(s): Hafte K, Tefera K, Azeb W, Yemsrach W, Ayda R

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