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Short Communication - Current Pediatric Research (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0

Aquatic physical therapy protocol with emphasis on balance and gross motor function in Children with Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy (CP) affects motor and sensory systems, posture and balance, which generate functional limitations. The objective
of this study was to evaluate the effects of an aquatic physiotherapy protocol on balance and gross motor function of children with
CP level III of Gross Motor Function Classification System. Individuals were randomly in a Control Group (CG) which performed
aquatic conventional therapies, or in Intervention Group (IG) which performed a specific aquatic protocol. There were 16 individual
sessions of aquatic physiotherapy, twice a week, for 35 minutes, and both groups did conventional physiotherapy out of water once
a week. The groups were evaluated pre and post intervention with the following outcomes: Gait Visual Analogue Scale, Gross
Motor function Measure (GMFM-88), Pediatric Balance Scale, Dynamic Gait Index (DGI), Timed Up and Go, 10-meter walk
test (10MWT), Child Health Questionnaire (CHQPF-50). Significant improvement was found in total GMFM in the IG (p=0.028)
post intervention, while in E dimension of GMFM both showed significant improvement, (IG p=0.026) and (CG p=0.046). In the
10MWT the IG decreased the course time, with significant value (p=0.028). Significant improvements in balance were observed
in the IG (p=0.041) post intervention in DGI scale. In quality of life (CHQPF-50), in the domain Physical Function, (IG/CG) the
intergroup analysis post intervention shown positive results (p=0.054), in domain Impact on Parents Time (p=0.043) both groups
improved. Aquatic physiotherapy showed improvement in gross motor function, gait speed, balance and quality of life in children
with CP.
Author(s): Joyce Xavier Muzzi de Gouvea, Brunna Santos Thomazin da Silva, Maria FernandaTuratti de Goes, Caio Roberto Castro, Douglas Martins Braga, Lais Cardoso Oliveira and Luciana Moreira Magalhães Oliveira

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