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Short Communication - Archives of Digestive Disorders (2022) Volume 4, Issue 6

Application of exosomes in the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic diseases

Pancreatic infections, a serious danger to human wellbeing, have gathered impressive examination premium, as they are related with a high death rate. Nonetheless, inferable from the unsure etiology and complex pathophysiology, the treatment of pancreatic infections is quite difficult for clinicians and analysts. Exosomes, transporters of intercellular correspondence signals, assume a significant part in the determination and treatment of pancreatic sicknesses. Exosomes are associated with various phases of pancreatic illness advancement, including apoptosis, insusceptible guideline, angiogenesis, cell relocation, and cell expansion. Accordingly, broad changes in the amount and assortment of exosomes might be characteristic of strange natural ways of behaving of pancreatic cells. This peculiarity could be taken advantage of for the improvement of exosomes as a new biomarker or focus of new treatment procedures.

Author(s): Jonghoon Choi*

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