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- Biomedical Research (2011) Volume 22, Issue 3

Aortopulmonary window- A rare presentation in post-partum female

Aortopulmonary window (APW) is a rare anomaly characterized by anomalous communi-cation between aorta and pulmonary artery with separate aortic and pulmonary origins. This accounts for approximately 0.1 % of all congenital cardiac anomalies. Clinical presen-tation is in infancy and early childhood with left to right shunt. If not corrected, large de-fects are usually fatal in early childhood. We report a 25 year old patient with Eisenmenger syndrome with large unrepaired APW, who successfully completed her first pregnancy.

Author(s): Hari Krishan Aggarwal, Tarana Gupta, Deepak Jain, Seema Rohilla

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