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Research Article - Journal of RNA and Genomics (2022) Volume 0, Issue 0

Anti-inflammatory Activity Of A Mixture Of Peppermint And Thyme Volatile Oils

Volatile oils of Mentha piperita and Thymus vulgaris are often components of products used for antiinflammatory properties. This work aims to show the chemical composition of a mixture of those two volatile oils and the anti-inflammatory activity in topical administration. Eleven compounds were identified by GC analysis and marker compounds menthol and menthone for peppermint volatile oil and thymol and carvacrol for thyme volatile oil were also identified by HPTLC. The antiinflammatory activity of a 2 % mixture of volatile oils of Mentha piperita and Thymus vulgaris in carrageenan-induced mouse paw edema model, in comparison with Voltaren (23, 2 mg/g diclofenac diethylamine) was slightly weaker compared with the group treated with Voltaren, but differed significantly from the control, at all measurement times.

Author(s): Bubueanu Corina, Rasit Iuksel, Paraschiv Ileana, Moga Sorin, Ducu Catalin, Panteli Minerva, Grigore Alice, Pirvu Lucia

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