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Research Article - Current Pediatric Research (2021) Volume 25, Issue 2

Antibiotic use for pneumonia in children under-five at a pediatric hospital inJeddah city, Saudi Arabia.

Background: Pneumonia has been a severe cause of morbidity and mortality among children belowfive years. Almost 1.3 million deaths occur in children due to pneumonia. The common signs andsymptoms of pneumonia include fever, cough, and Shortness of Breath (SOB). Antibiotics arecommonly used to treat Pneumonia, but it should be used in appropriate doses and duration.Aim: We aimed to review the results of antibiotic usage for treating pneumonia in children at atertiary hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Method: A retrospective cohort study was done in November 2019 that involved 41 participantsbetween (0-5) years of both gender diagnosed with Community-Acquired Pneumonia (CAP).

Result: In this study, we use about 14 kinds of antibiotics. There was no significant between theantibiotic and age group (p=0.269). Also, the relationship between the antibiotics and the frequencyused of antibiotics was significant (P=0.002). On the other hand, there was an association betweenantibiotics with inpatient and antibiotic (p=0.001), and the combination of Clarithromycin withCefuroxime (17.7%) was the most commonly used in both in-patients and out-patients.

Conclusion: Our study found the combination of clarithromycin and cefuroxime the most commonnone of our patients were diagnosed with severe pneumonia. Using antibiotics to treat bacterialpneumonia in children should always be considered to prevent severe complications even though if the pneumonia is not severed.

Author(s): Fatma S Alzhrani*, Sumaih Abdullah Alsadiq, Mai Mohammed Ghaith, Nouf Nawaf Simsim,Noha Hassan Kommosani, Wejdan Hussain AL-Qahtani, Fayza Al Siny

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