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Research Article - Current Pediatric Research (2021) Volume 25, Issue 9

Analytical statistical study on various aspects of covid-19 among pediatric age group in Kirkuk-Iraq.

The study was conducted on (41) pediatric patients, attending both Azadi and pediatric governmental hospitals for the period from 1st March to 1st of July; their age was ranging from 1 year to 14 years of both genders. All cases were presented by their parents being contact with at least a family member with confirmed COVID-19; they were admitted to hospital, the relevant investigations were applied for them and had been followed up till the outcome. Full history and investigations were applied for each case with important, serious and relevant questions according to a prepared questionnaire that was reviewed by peer review of three consultants in the field. Following the finalization of the history, full clinical examination was performed and the positive findings were recorded at the time of examination. According to the findings, investigations were set up to confirm the diagnosis of positive cases per WHO criteria, there was a significant difference among symptoms in critical and mild or moderate cases, as most cases had fever and cough, while the critical once had severe respiratory symptoms; and both of them had congenital heart disease. The vast majority had mild to moderate symptoms and had favorable outcome (cure); 39141 (95%); while only two of the total patients had negative endpoint (death) 2141 (4.8%) as both of them had congenital heart disease. It is concluded that most pediatric age group had mild to moderate severity and didn't require hospitalization, while those who died were critical and had congenital heart disease.

Author(s): Amal Adnan Rasheed*, Suhaillah Shamsalden Tahir, Anwar Dhiaa Abdul Kareem

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