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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 5

Analysis of patients with malignant and paramalignant pleural effusion

Introduction: While the malignant cells in the fluid are available in malignant pleural effusions (MPE), in paramalignant pleural effusions (PMPE), the malignant cells do not exist. We aimed to compare the results of patients with MPE and PMPE.

Materials and Methods: 134 patients (MPE: 106 PMPE: 28) were analysed retrospectively. Patients were divided into 2 groups as MPE, and PMPE. Results were analysed. P<0.05 was considered significant.

Results: 65 of the patients with MPE were malignant mesothelioma (MM), while 41 of them were pleural metastasis. 28 of patients were PMPE. Male gender, right localization and exudative feature were found to be significant for patients with MPE. On the other hand, pleural effusion having exudative feature was significant for patients with PMPE. MM, chondrosarcoma, lung and liver cancer were found to be more effective in the formation MPE. Mortality was higher in patients with MPE (n=4). Tube thoracostomy was found as primary treatment method in treatment of patients with MPE.

Conclusion: MPE and PMPE are caused by underlying malignant diseases. The mortality rate is higher in patients with pleural metastatic. Tube thoracostomy and pleurodesis are the primary treatment methods.

Author(s): Muharrem Cakmak, Atilla Durkan

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