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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 5

Analysis of chest wall masses: a clinical study

Materials and Methods: Eighty six patients treated for chest wall mass were evaluated. Chest wall masses were divided into 2 groups as masses originated from soft, cartilage or bone tissue and masses having anterior, lateral and posterior location. The rate, localization and histopathologic types of masses in each group were investigated. Results were analyzed using Fisher's exact test.

Findings: The mean age was 46.18 ± 10.16. 56 patients (65%) were male while 30 (35%) were female. 41 (48%) of the masses were originated in soft tissue, 23 (27%) were in cartilage, and 22 (25%) were in bone tissue. 46 (53%) of the masses were found to be located in anterior chest wall, 17 (20%) were in the lateral chest wall, and 23 (27%) were in the posterior chest wall. 54 of the masses (63%) were benign, whereas 32 (37%) were malignant. For reconstruction, muscle flaps and synthetic grafts were used. The possibility of chest wall masses being malignant was found to be significant in masses originated in bone.

Discussion: Malignancy should be strongly considered in chest wall tumors. A detailed history and physical examination are required for diagnosis.

Conclusion: The success of treatment depends on adequate resection as well as the type of tumor.

Author(s): Muharrem Cakmak

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