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Rapid Communication - The Cognitive Neuroscience Journal (2022) Volume 5, Issue 2

An overview of the relationship between AI and neuroscience research

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and neuroscience have a long history of partnership. Over the last few decades, advances in neuroscience have spawned a new generation of in silico neural networks inspired by brain architecture, thanks to tremendous gains in computer processing power. Many of the superior perceptual and cognitive abilities of biological systems, such as object recognition and decision making, are now available to AI systems. Furthermore, AI is increasingly being used in neuroscience research, altering our understanding of how the brain works. Deep learning has been used to mimic how the cerebral cortex's convolutional layers and recurrent connections govern essential activities like visual processing, memory, and motor control. The employment of neuroscience-inspired techniques is particularly exciting.

Author(s): Konrad Nguemeni

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