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Abstract - Current Pediatric Research (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0

An audit of overweight and obese children admitted for surgery: Implications for paracetamol overdose

Around the world, 380 million kids and youths are overweight or corpulent, including 41 million youngsters matured < 5 years. Weight can change the pharmacokinetic properties of medications by modifying their dissemination, digestion, and end. Along these lines, kids who are overweight or large are at expanded danger for accepting unseemly portions of normally utilized medications, which can bring about treatment disappointment, antagonistic functions, as well as medication poisonousness. This survey examines accessible information on paracetamol dosing for torment and fever in youngsters and teenagers who are overweight or corpulent to distinguish holes and difficulties in ideal dosing systems. Writing look through utilizing Medline, Embase, and were led to distinguish English-language articles announcing paracetamol pharmacokinetics, dosing practices, and rules in kids and youths who are overweight or stout

Author(s): Ria Marwaha

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