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Review Article - Biomedical Research (2018) Volume 29, Issue 12

Alpha-fetoprotein: A fabulous biomarker in hepatocellular, gastric and rectal cancer diagnosis

Elevated level of Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP) has proved to be a golden ticket to track down tumors and various cancers such as Hepatocellular Carcinomas (HCC), Gastric (GC) and colorectal cancers. In hepatocellular carcinoma patients AFP serum concentrations of 400-500 ng/ml are determined to be diagnostic. Moreover, the prevalence of AFP induced gastric cancer ranges between 1.3-15% among all gastric cancers. In all these cancers, AFP has displayed a dual role in tumor growth; it acts as a growth mediator as well as growth suppressant. This feature of AFP has been employed in production of AFP conjugated anti-cancerous drugs and is discussed in this review. This review throws light on role of AFP in hepatocellular, colorectal and gastric carcinomas.

Author(s): Zara Naz, Sana Usman, Komal Saleem, Sara Ahmed, Hamid Bashir, Muhammad Bilal, Aleena Sumrin

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