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Review Article - Journal of Trauma and Critical  Care (2018) Volume 2, Issue 1

Advancing independent emergency nursing prescribing in Saudi Arabia

Independent emergency nursing prescribing had been emerged in many countries to meet the growth population health services need. Evidence found out that emergency nurses were prescribing competently and safely in their scope of practice where the emergency nurses in Saudi Arabia was restricted of prescribing independently or supplementary. The benefit of authorizing emergency nurse prescribing in the Emergency Department (ED) has been reported internationally. Aim: the objective of this article is to review the benefits and role of independent nursing prescribing in ED and how it may improve the ED health services in SA to meet the growth population needs. Conclusion: Saudi nurses in ED was restricted of prescribing where many countries authorized emergency nurses to prescribe independently or supplementary in their scope of practice. Key benefits of emergency nurse prescribing were decrease waiting time, timely access to medicines, managed the medications effectively; controlling symptoms, enhanced relationships between nurse and patient, accommodate nurse's skills appropriately and enhance autonomy of nurses in their scope of practice.

Author(s): Zakaria Ahmed Mani*

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