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Rapid Communication - Journal of Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Chemical Science (2022) Volume 6, Issue 5

Advancing implementation in pharmaceutical industry and future perspectives.

Pharmaceuticals enhance our quality of life; consequently, their consumption is growing as a result of the need to treat ageing-related and chronic diseases and changes in the clinical practice. The market revenues also show an historic growth worldwide motivated by the increase on the drug demand. However, this positivism on the market is fogged because the discharge of pharmaceuticals and their metabolites into the environment, including water, also increases due to their inappropriate management, treatment and disposal; now, worldwide, this fact is recognized as an environmental concern and human health risk. Intriguingly, researchers have studied the most effective methods for pharmaceutical removal in wastewater; however, the types of pharmaceuticals investigated in most of these studies do not reflect the most produced and consumed pharmaceuticals on the market. Hence, an attempt was done to analyse the pharmaceutical market, drugs consumption trends and the pharmaceutical research interests worldwide

Author(s): Abanti Sahoo

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