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Short Communication - Journal of Cancer Immunology & Therapy (2023) Volume 6, Issue 1

Advanced surgical technologies and perspectives of cancer treatment

Cancer is a worldwide medical condition liable for one out of six passings around the world. Treating disease has been an exceptionally complicated process. Ordinary treatment draws near, like a medical procedure, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, have been being used, while huge advances are being made lately, including undeveloped cell treatment, designated treatment, removal treatment, nanoparticles, regular cancer prevention agents, radionics, chemo dynamic treatment, sonodynamic treatment, and ferroptosis-based treatment. Current techniques in oncology center on the improvement of protected and proficient disease Nano medicines. Immature microorganism treatment has acquired promising viability recovering and fixing ailing or harmed tissues by focusing on both essential and metastatic malignant growth foci, and nanoparticles brought new symptomatic and restorative choices. Designated treatment had advancement potential repressing the development and spread of explicit disease cells, making less harm solid cells

Author(s): Bowen Lin

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