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Short Article - Journal of Aging and Geriatric Psychiatry (2017) Volume 1, Issue 2

Adherence to Universal Precautions and Associated Factors among Nurses Caring for Critically Ill Patients in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania

Background: Globally it is known that heath care workers particularly in critical care settings are at higher risk of occupational exposure to infections. Surveillance systems to monitor body fluid exposure have been established in developed world. However, such systems are not available and consequently, exposure to body fluids is rarely reported, documented and monitored in many African countries. Centers for diseases Control designed evidence based and cost-effective precaution measures which requires a health care worker to comply to in order to prevent themselves and patients from infections. They are known as “universal precautions” and they are applied to all patient care regardless of suspected or confirmed infection status. Unfortunately, studies in many countries worldwide show adherence levels to these measures are suboptimal.

Objectives: To assess knowledge, practice and factors influencing adherence of Universal Precautions for infection prevention among nurses caring critically ill patients. Methodology

Study Design: This was a Quantitative cross-sectional and observational study

Author(s): Salima Wibonela, Columba Mbekenga, Fatina B. Ramadhani, Ally Mwanga and Pedro Pallangyo

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