Journal of Aging and Geriatric Psychiatry

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Short Article - Journal of Aging and Geriatric Psychiatry (2018) Volume 2, Issue 1

Acute Pain and Cognition in Older Persons

So far studies have focused on the relationship between cognitive impairment and chronic pain perception in elderly. The present study examined the relationship between acute pain perception and cognition.Fifty-nine nursing home residents underwent a neuropsychological assessment aimed at cognition. Assessment of acute pain took place directly following a venipuncture, utilizing the Coloured Analogue Scale (CAS). Acute pain perception showed a negative relationship with the scores on the cognitive tasks. Other variables such us hypertension and medication usage did not seem to influence the relationship.The present findings imply that the more cognitive impairment a person experiences, the higher the acute pain experience is. This increases the risk for undertreatment of pain.

Keywords: Acute Pain, Cognitive Impairment, Elder People

Author(s): Nour Alkaduhimi

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