Biomedical Research

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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 0, Issue 0

About bio convergence technology, bio technological medicine and drugs: Analysis of literature

In order to improve the quality of health services, healthcare providers are searching for new and better approaches. One of them is bio technology. Bio technology has key proposals in human health-related services development. To determine the frequency of the articles about bio technology is the main objective of the study. An exclusive search was conducted in PubMed; a medical database of the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Keywords such as Bio Convergence Technology (BCT), Bio Technological Medicine (BTM) and Bio Technological Drugs (BTD) were searched. Various medical journal types were analysed. It was evident that interest on this subject begun almost 10 years ago and between 2012-2016 there has been a considerable increase in research about bio technology in the medical field. Total of 280 articles were comprised the term BCT. 3 were conducted between 1997-2001, 8 between 2002-2006, 17 between 2007-2011 and 252 between 2012-2016. Total of 114 articles were found to include the term BTM. Most of the research (n: 78) were conducted in the last decade whereas, only 1 article was found on the 80’s. Total of 52 articles were cited that included the term BTD. It is evident that there has been a considerable increase in research about bio technology in the medical field from 1980’s to the 21st century. Most of these researches however; were cited in special issues. More research on this subject need to be published in the medical journals.

Author(s): Kurtulus Ongel, Utku Eser, Murat Altuntas, Dilek Aksay

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