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Research Article - Journal of RNA and Genomics (2022) Volume 0, Issue 0

A Voyage on the hormones and biomarkers related to Cholelithiasis associated Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver.

Gall stone disease (Cholelithiasis) is the most prevalent and chronic hepatobiliary disease affecting humans, especially fertile women. They represent a significant burden throughout the world and is the most common disorder leading to emergency. The prevalence of this disease varies by age, gender, region, lifestyle and dietary habits. The pathogenesis involves many factors and may arise from the complex interactions between genetic and environmental factors. The present review is focused on overall information about the etiology, risk factors, clinical manifestations, pathogenesis, role of diet, sedentary lifestyle, hormones and biomarkers in the development of stones in the gall bladder and the relation between cholelithiasis and Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver.

Author(s): Sumithra Mohan*, Sindhu Gillella

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